Live-In vs Live-Out Nanny: A Comparative Guide


A nanny can make a huge difference for your family. Not only do they provide legally required services, like overseeing young children while the adults are out, but they can also bond with and teach your children, too.

Even better, nannies can be closer to your family, if you prefer, getting to know your children and becoming a helpful, reliable extension of the family.

Of course, this depends on how the nanny works into your home dynamic. For instance, should you hire a live-in or live-out nanny? What are the differences, and why can the choice between the two actually affect your experience with each type of home service provider?

Live-In Nannies

Surprisingly, live-in nannies are some of the least expensive nannies. That’s because you pay for their room and board, as well as a salary. Live-in nannies can spend part of the week with you, or live with you full-time.

Some people even choose to take live-in nannies on vacation with them, or ask them to attend important family events alongside them.

It’s important to note that you must provide suitable room and board for a live-in nanny. This means providing them with food, or the time and finances to shop for food for themselves and your family. Also, you should provide them with safe and private accommodations. A separate bedroom, bathroom, and even entrance would be recommended.

The most common downside families share about taking on a live-in nanny is a lack of privacy, and a risk of children—especially very young children—developing a closer bond with their nannies than their parents. However, nearly all families that elect to hire live-in nannies are happy with the experience. On-site nanny services will be available around the clock and there are few waiting times between the nanny’s arrival and your ability to leave home freely.

Nanny with Children

Live-Out Nannies

Live-out nannies typically work shorter days, as they need to commute to and from your home. They maintain their own separate housing and board, and their own independence.

While live-out nannies do retain their independence, they can still become close members of the family, especially if you work with the same nanny for a long period of time.

Live-out nannies won’t be as readily available as live-in ones, and they may have a more rigid schedule. However, this regimented schedule gives you a simpler understanding of when the nanny will be available to visit your home and tend to your family’s needs.

They may also expect higher pay. However, you save by not having to provide the pricey accommodations expected for a live-in nanny.

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Understanding the responsibilities of a Nanny


A lot of people underestimate how much a nanny has to do on the job. They’re not like a babysitter who gets contacted to watch the kid for a couple of hours when the parents go out. Nannies come to the house every day to take care of the child and aid in their development while the parents are away. As the child’s guardian for that duration, they have the following responsibilities that come with making sure everything runs smoothly at the house:

Maintain Trust with the Parents

Parents make the decision when it comes to hiring and rehiring nannies. That’s why nannies need to communicate clearly with the parents about what their parenting styles are and how they can provide care for their family. This might be the parents’ first time hiring a nanny, so they may accidentally leave out some important information. Maintaining trust is one of the highest priorities for nannies. Nannies are responsible for being on time, especially if part of their job includes taking the child to and from sport and other activities.

Keep Children Safe and Healthy

Some of a nanny’s responsibilities include cooking for and feeding the child. Nannies need to ask parents about any medical conditions the child may have if the parents forgot to mention it. It’s the nanny’s responsibility to keep in mind of food allergies when feeding the child, cooking, or ordering food from a restaurant.

Keeping the child safe is another major responsibility. If the child is suffering from an injury, then the nanny should avoid activities that would otherwise involve the child’s injured body part. The nanny should always use a car seat if they plan on driving the child anywhere.

Promote Child Development

While many babysitters these days like to take it easy and have the kids simply watch television or play video games while the parents are gone, nannies provide activities that can help children improve physically and mentally. A nanny’s responsibility extends beyond caring for the child. They plan and do activities that promote the child’s well-being and development. They help the child with their homework, read to them, take them to the park or walking, and take them to do other fun activities. This is what sets nannies apart from care givers like babysitters. They’re here to promote child development as well as care for them.

Child with Nanny

Keep Everything Clean

Even if nannies don’t live in the same house, they are responsible for housework and cleaning. Upon arriving, nannies should request if the parents have a list of chores for them to perform, such as cooking dinner, washing the dishes, or cleaning the laundry.

Many nannies try to go the extra mile to ensure that those hours when the parents are gone are free of stress for the entire family. It’s important to have someone kind and courteous to look over your child when you’re away from the house. Contact OC Home & Family if you’re looking for nannies in Orange County. Our nannies go through rigorous screening to ensure we’re placing the most-qualified nanny in your home. The well-being of your family is our top priority. Check out our website and give us a call to find the perfect nanny for your needs.