Reasons You Should Choose a Nanny over a Day Care

Children Reading with Nanny

Your child deserves the best care money can buy; unfortunately, many parents are unsure of what the best care actually is. You can choose from day cares, babysitters, nannies, and more, but there are benefits of nannies that make them the best choice for your child. Here are some reasons you should consider either a full or part-time nanny in Orange County for childcare.

Better Attention Ratio

A nanny is hired specifically to care for your child or children. That’s not necessarily the case with a day care. While a day care is required to have a certain amount of supervision for a specified number of children, in many cases this requirement isn’t sufficient for the care and supervision required for the children at the day care. That means that your child isn’t likely to receive more than a few minutes of focused attention. A nanny is devoted to your child, so there’s almost always someone there to help your child with homework, spend time playing, or do whatever you expect from your childcare provider.

Fewer Illnesses

Day cares are notorious for spreading illnesses from family to family. It’s inevitable, even in the most germ-conscious day care. Fortunately, you can avoid many of the colds and more serious contagious diseases by avoiding day cares altogether. A healthier child equals a happier child, but it also reduces the amount of sick days you’ll have to take to care for your child. With day care, when your child does fall ill, you’ll have to find another option for childcare because the day care will often refuse to allow your child to stay when exhibiting certain symptoms. A nanny will still be there to care for your sick child, however, so if you’re unable to miss work when a child gets sick, you’ll have peace of mind that your child is still receiving superior care.

Better Behavior

Sickness isn’t the only thing that can be contagious in a day care. Bad behaviors are often learned from other children, and this is even truer in a day care setting where supervision can often be lacking. Children in day cares often exhibit more behavioral problems, such as disobedience or aggression. A full- or part-time nanny can provide the attention a child needs to curb such behaviors and can devote the time necessary to developing good behavior and the ability to deal with disappointment, sadness, anger, and other emotions that can trigger poor behavior.

Nanny Playing with Little Girl

Price Considerations

Even though day care may be more affordable than a nanny service, there are some things to consider when looking at the overall cost of different types of childcare. Although you pay a day care for full-time care, you’re not actually getting that. You’re only getting part-time care because there’s no way for your child to have one-on-one attention due to the number of children in a day care. In addition, day cares close every night, so you can’t count on getting care at odd hours of the day like you can with a nanny. You’ll get far more for your money with a nanny than with day care.

More Personalized Care

As mentioned, your money is better spent with nannies for hire in Orange County because they can provide so much more than supervision. They can keep your child engaged and help educate them with fun, extracurricular activities that aren’t possible with a day care. They also often provide other valuable services, such as helping with errands and chores around the house. To learn more about hiring a nanny, contact OC Home & Family today by calling 949-335-7963.

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