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The Relevance of a Nanny in Raising a High-Functioning Child


If you’re struggling with raising children while doing justice to your work outside the home, it’s time to consider hiring a nanny. Either your job or your children will suffer from a job that’s not done to your best ability. If you never considered that raising children is a job, think again, and holding two full-time jobs at the same time rarely works.

The Job of Raising Children

Every mother or father knows how much time and effort goes into raising a child. It takes a lot of energy to make it through the sleepless nights of a new baby, a sick child, and changing many diapers. As the child grows there is potty training, dressing, nurturing, discipline, educating, and playtime. These necessities all take time as does cooking and feeding, laundry, bathing, bedtime—the list goes on.

When the child starts school, you need to drop them off, pick them up, and get them to other activities. If your job takes you outside the home, you need to get the kids up early to get them ready to go to day care or a babysitter. If your job lets you work at home, how do you give your children the attention they need while doing your work? A nanny provides childcare within the family setting, making sure they have the love and proper care they need.

A Loving Home

A child needs to know they are loved and safe. If you’re always short-tempered while trying to work, or just ignore your child while you work on a project, your child can grow up feeling like they are always in the way. If you want your child to grow into a loving person, they need a lot of attention during those tender years. Hiring a nanny is the solution more people are turning to. You and your child have a loving bond that won’t be affected by sharing responsibilities with a nanny to care for him or her. What will happen is that your child will develop with the guidance and nurturing they need while knowing you are still there for them and love them too.


Qualifications of a Nanny

Finding qualified public childcare is increasingly more difficult, and those facilities usually have waiting lists. Hiring a nanny takes a lot of serious thoughts about your budget, and your expectations of him or her. A nanny should pass a background check, and be trained in first aid, have CPR certification, a Social Security card, valid driver’s license, and their own insured automobile. They should be able to teach your children, supervise them at outdoor activities, prepare healthy meals, be able to drive older children to and from school, plan lessons, and supervise homework. More responsibilities might include running family errands and doing light housework and laundry for the family. Even though the nanny is a paid employee, they become a part of the family and demands respect as such. You need to be sure they are compatible with your family and all that entails.

Peace of Mind

Your child will be happier in familiar surroundings. Children aren’t exposed to so many germs as at a public day care, so they won’t get sick as often. Your family will be stronger if you’re not juggling parenting and your job. Your children will interact better with you if you’re not exhausted all the time.

Where to Find a Nanny

There are many businesses that can provide you with the name of a prospective nanny. You need to do the legwork to verify their qualifications. When you’re looking at nanny services in Orange County, save time and get it right the first time with OC Home and Family. They will get to know you and any special needs to match you up with the right nanny. The well-being of your family is their top priority. Visit https://ochomeandfamily.com today to learn more.

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