Senior Care Orange County CA

Senior Care Orange County CA

Are you looking for senior care in Orange County and the surrounding area? OC Home and Family is a senior care placement agency which specializes in finding you the perfect senior caregiver. All caregivers are pre-screened through our rigorous screening protocol.
Whether your loved ones need companionship, emotional support, physical care, or personal care, our caregivers, RNs, CNAs, LVNs, and Medical Assistants will provide the support you require.
For the highest quality Orange County senior caregivers, contact us now: 949.335.7963
At OC Home and Family, we are proud to offer Orange County senior home care with integrity.

You may find that when your loved one needs senior care in Orange County, CA, there are a lot of options to choose from. At OC Home & Family, we want to give you access to only the best caregivers available in Orange County! We are passionate about assisting our families to find the perfect fit to care for their precious loved ones in need of care. We are blessed to be working with so many wonderful families in Orange County and surrounding areas. Many of our clients have special needs and it is our dedication to meeting our families’ unique requirements that has made us successful as a company. As one of our families, we promise to match you with the perfect senior care professional for your unique needs and situation. The health and safety of your family is our top priority.

Orange County Senior Care: Providing a trusted companion for your loved ones.

Elderly caregivers provide companionship, emotional support, physical care, and personal care for the elderly.

An elderly caregiver is responsible for day-by-day household tasks, preparation of meals, driving, running errands, and taking/recording vital signs. We place CNAs, LVNs, RNs, and Medical Assistants in this position.

Average salaries for elderly caregivers vary depending on geographical location, duty requirements, hours provided, and experience.

Typical salary starts at $15 per hour.

Professionally Screened Orange County Senior Care

At OC Home & Family, we don’t just go out of our way to investigate our senior caregiver’s specific experience. We also take time to get to know their personalities, motivations, and achievements. We get to know our caregivers at a professional level to ensure your loved one gets the best candidate for treating them on an individual basis.

For your piece of mind, our elder care professionals undergo a rigorous screening process. The first part of this screening process is a phone interview. If the candidate passes, they are interviewed in person. The process begins with a questionnaire and a detailed application. We ask for relevant information about their personal and professional history. We always verify their references via a phone conversation. While we interview many candidates, only the best and most qualified become an OC Home & Family senior caregiver.

Our Screening Process for our Senior Caregivers:
  • We work with candidates who we know professionally and who are recommended by families, churches, schools, or by word of mouth
  • We require a minimum of 3 to 4 years of experience in the domestic industry
  • We verify employment and personal references are documented accordingly
  • We conduct a thorough assessment on behavior and integrity
  • We provide a complete background check, which includes Social Security verification, statewide and county felony and misdemeanor, national sex offender registry search, DUI and DMV report
  • In addition to the complete criminal background check, our candidates are also screened through Live Scan Registry at our client’s request
  • Each candidate is fingerprinted
  • We provide all legal documents
  • Tuberculosis testing and immunization is checked
  • We ensure our candidates have been trained in CPR and that they have a First Aid Certification

Mandatory Background Checks, Unconditional and Unlimited Replacement Guarantee