5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring a Nanny

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Hiring a nanny in Orange County can help a lot when it comes to childcare. You and your significant other both have busy lives, and sometimes, you need an extra pair of hands to help out around the house. However, you can’t expect Mary Poppins to just show up at your door. You must take the time to find the right nanny for your family. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common mistakes parents make when hiring a nanny and how you can avoid them.

Performing an Insufficient Background Check

Before hiring anyone to take care of your children, it is crucial to perform a thorough screening. This process involves an in-depth interview, reference check, and a criminal background check. You should verify their past references in the same way that you would interview the potential nanny. Start by confirming the basics like the number of children cared for, dates of employment, and the reason for separation. You should also ask a few more open-ended questions about the nanny’s past responsibilities, their strengths and weaknesses, and any other major concerns you have. You should also order a complete pre-employment background check to ensure the candidate does not have a criminal past. Though this information is important, you should give more weight to the interview and references when making your hiring decisions.

Not Asking the Right Interview Questions

One of the most important parts of the hiring process is the interview. Be sure to conduct a thorough interview so you can get a better idea of who the nanny is and how they will act in certain situations. Confirm the basics of the job like schedule availability, general duties, required skills, and salary. You should also ask all potential OC nannies about their past experience caring for children, the jobs they worked, and the ages of the children they worked with. Then, ask a few questions about specific experiences, good and bad, and how they handled it. This will give you a better idea of how they will handle problems as they arise on the job.

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

The primary job duties of a nanny should be childcare first and foremost. Many people often expect nannies to handle all the childcare duties, along with general housework duties. It is reasonable to expect the nanny to leave the house in the same condition that they found it in. This usually involves cleaning up after the child, sweeping up after meals, laundering clothes when they get dirty, and cleaning up after craft projects. However, you should not expect the nanny to take on full housekeeping duties like vacuuming the whole house, changing linens, and picking up after adults in the home. By adding these tasks to the job description, you are limiting the number of interested potential candidates and limiting the nanny’s ability to focus on caring for your child.

Offering Unfair Wages

Before deciding on a salary, check out the average market compensation for the job you are offering. By providing a fair wage, you are showing the nanny that you care about them and their ability to take care of your child. Plus, it will make it easier to find qualified individuals and limit frequent turnover.

Prospective Nanny Meeting with Parent

Not Providing a Written Work Agreement

Before hiring a nanny, you must be sure to provide a work agreement for both parties to sign and agree to. The agreement will lay out the terms and conditions of the relationship including hours, duties, benefits, and pay. If you do not have a written agreement, it will only be a matter of time before a conflict arises.

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Checklist to Prepare for Your Nanny’s First Visit

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You’ve hired your first nanny. How exciting! A nanny is a wonderful addition to your family, helping your provide care and support for your children. As you begin to navigate this new lifestyle, here are some tips from the top nanny agency in Orange County for preparing your home and your children for the nanny’s first visit.

Preparing Your Home

When your nanny first arrives, you want your home to feel open and invited. You want to make sure that they feel welcome and know where everything is to make the transition as smooth as possible. Make sure to give your Orange County nanny the following information as it applies to your situation:

  • Building codes, key codes, and any sets of keys necessary for coming and going from the home
  • Emergency numbers for family members and doctors’ numbers
  • Cash, credit card, or prepaid card so that the nanny doesn’t have to worry about using their money for gas, special outings, etc. Determine a weekly budget for these types of expenses.
  • All information about children’s allergies, medical conditions, and any current emotional, behavioral, or physical problems
  • How to use the appliances in your home
  • Any special instructions for how to install car seats, open strollers, etc.

You also should create a comfy guest room for nannies who will be staying overnight or for extended times and ask them for a list of their favorite foods and drinks. Stock the kitchen with these items to make them feel at home.

Nothing is too much when it comes to preparing your home for your new Orange County nanny. It’s better to be too prepared than not prepared at all. Careful preparation makes it easier for this person to integrate into your family right away and with fewer awkward moments.


Nannies come from many different backgrounds. There are female nannies and male nannies. There are nannies who grew up in the Orange County just down the street from your home and those who are from other countries. Nanny services in Orange County hire out nannies from all backgrounds. When a nanny is assigned to your family, get to know him or her and where they’re from. If they’re from another country and have a different cultural background from yours, learn how to communicate with them. It’s not as if you’ll need to learn a new language because individuals hired to help your family should be fluent in English. However, make it a point to learn their birthday, the names of their family members, and any cultural holidays (if applicable) they celebrate. Remember, the nanny is now a part of your family and should be treated with kindness and consideration. After all, you’re entrusting them with your children.

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Preparing Your Children

If this is the first time you’ve hired a nanny in Orange County, sit down with your children and explain this new family dynamic. Set clear boundaries with your children about what this person’s job is and how they are there to help them. Let your children know you’re still their parent(s) and that you are always available for them.

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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Nanny for Your Children

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Be honest: having children can be difficult. As much as you love them, having kids can interfere with your social life, work life, and favorite activities. Going out to dinner or to a movie without them doesn’t just mean calling to make plans, it means having to find help to watch your children.

If you work full time and no one else can watch the children while they’re home for the holidays or summer vacation, you may need a nanny. Leaving kids alone without adult supervision is a no-no; it can get you into legal trouble, and your kids can get into things you don’t want them interfering with, such as the stovetop, oven, bathtub, or iron.

Depending on a nanny, though, means trusting the most important people in your life to a total stranger, and hoping that they’ll keep your kids safe from harm, leave a good impression on your children, and not undermine your authority as a parent. Not to mention, they should be the kind of people you’d trust to leave in your home unsupervised.


Hiring a nanny is putting a great deal of trust in someone. But thankfully, you get to interview them before you hire them. This is extremely important. This gives you a chance to meet and get an impression of your nanny. Answers to interview questions help you determine if you can trust nanny services with your children, privacy, and property.

These are the most important interview questions to ask before you hire a nanny.

How Long Have You Been a Nanny?

This question gives you the chance to learn about a nanny’s work experience and expertise handling children. You can follow up by asking their reasons for leaving previous positions, why they’re interested in nannying, and how they can apply their work experience in your home. Then you can ask what else they do with the rest of their time, such as if they have other part-time jobs, hobbies, and/or schooling.

How Are You with Children?

A nanny should enjoy being with children, but not be too lenient. They should be able to handle a crying baby, a misbehaving child, a teenager who refuses to take their orders, and more. They should be compassionate and caring, but also know how to discipline. You can follow this up by asking about activities they use to entertain and/or teach children. Focus on the age groups of your children.

Reading to kids

How Would You Handle an Emergency?

Caring for children means being able to act fast in the event of an emergency. Even responsible nannies caring for good children can’t prevent all accidents, illnesses, or injuries. If a child becomes very ill or an accident happens, they should know how to act. Ask every nanny you interview if they’ve ever had to handle an emergency and how they did so.

What Would a Typical Day Look Like?

This is your chance to listen to any prospective nannies you interview run through their skills and activities list. Can they cook? Can they accommodate your children’s food restrictions or sensitivities? What would they do at home to stay entertained? What are their favorite activities, and can they share these activities with your children? These questions can help you understand if a nanny is a good fit for your family’s lifestyle and personality. Finally, can they incorporate educational activities into the daily routine?

Where to Find Help

If you want the best nanny for your family, one who you can not only trust, but also can rely on, contact a nanny agency like OC Home & Family. You’ll find the most experienced, thoroughly vetted, and reliable nanny in Orange County.

The Relevance of a Nanny in Raising a High-Functioning Child


If you’re struggling with raising children while doing justice to your work outside the home, it’s time to consider hiring a nanny. Either your job or your children will suffer from a job that’s not done to your best ability. If you never considered that raising children is a job, think again, and holding two full-time jobs at the same time rarely works.

The Job of Raising Children

Every mother or father knows how much time and effort goes into raising a child. It takes a lot of energy to make it through the sleepless nights of a new baby, a sick child, and changing many diapers. As the child grows there is potty training, dressing, nurturing, discipline, educating, and playtime. These necessities all take time as does cooking and feeding, laundry, bathing, bedtime—the list goes on.

When the child starts school, you need to drop them off, pick them up, and get them to other activities. If your job takes you outside the home, you need to get the kids up early to get them ready to go to day care or a babysitter. If your job lets you work at home, how do you give your children the attention they need while doing your work? A nanny provides childcare within the family setting, making sure they have the love and proper care they need.

A Loving Home

A child needs to know they are loved and safe. If you’re always short-tempered while trying to work, or just ignore your child while you work on a project, your child can grow up feeling like they are always in the way. If you want your child to grow into a loving person, they need a lot of attention during those tender years. Hiring a nanny is the solution more people are turning to. You and your child have a loving bond that won’t be affected by sharing responsibilities with a nanny to care for him or her. What will happen is that your child will develop with the guidance and nurturing they need while knowing you are still there for them and love them too.


Qualifications of a Nanny

Finding qualified public childcare is increasingly more difficult, and those facilities usually have waiting lists. Hiring a nanny takes a lot of serious thoughts about your budget, and your expectations of him or her. A nanny should pass a background check, and be trained in first aid, have CPR certification, a Social Security card, valid driver’s license, and their own insured automobile. They should be able to teach your children, supervise them at outdoor activities, prepare healthy meals, be able to drive older children to and from school, plan lessons, and supervise homework. More responsibilities might include running family errands and doing light housework and laundry for the family. Even though the nanny is a paid employee, they become a part of the family and demands respect as such. You need to be sure they are compatible with your family and all that entails.

Peace of Mind

Your child will be happier in familiar surroundings. Children aren’t exposed to so many germs as at a public day care, so they won’t get sick as often. Your family will be stronger if you’re not juggling parenting and your job. Your children will interact better with you if you’re not exhausted all the time.

Where to Find a Nanny

There are many businesses that can provide you with the name of a prospective nanny. You need to do the legwork to verify their qualifications. When you’re looking at nanny services in Orange County, save time and get it right the first time with OC Home and Family. They will get to know you and any special needs to match you up with the right nanny. The well-being of your family is their top priority. Visit https://ochomeandfamily.com today to learn more.

Nanny Services: Find the Perfect Nanny for Your Children

Find the Perfect Nanny for Your Children

Whether you’re a busy single parent or a stay-at-home mom who needs an extra hand around the house, a nanny can help give you peace of mind concerning your children. How do you find the perfect nanny? There are several factors to consider, like qualifications, training, and background checks. But first, you need to think about what you’re looking for in a caretaker. At OC Home & Family you’ll find a wide selection of pre-screened candidates for childcare as well as elderly caretakers, pet sitters, chauffeurs, and personal assistants. Keep reading to learn more about OC Home & Family’s prescreening process and how to select the right nanny for your home.

To find the perfect nanny for your children, first, you need to determine what you’re looking for in a potential nanny. Do you need someone to watch the children for a few hours a week or will this be an daily need? Do you need a nanny who can pick up groceries or drop the kids off at school? If your children need help after school, can your nanny give them guidance on homework? Once you’ve determined your needs, look for nannies who meet those qualifications. Nannies with teaching experience will be able to help your kids with their homework while a nanny with medical knowledge will be able to care for children with special needs. For meal planning, look for nannies with cooking experience as well as nannies who will clean up after meal prep. Special certifications like CPR training and educational certificates are also a plus.

As you narrow down your list of potential nannies based on their qualifications, it’s time for a face-to-face interview. In-home interviews are the best because they give you the chance to observe the nanny with your children as well as learn why they want the job. Interview questions will help you determine if your nanny will be right for your home. Present specific “what if” scenarios and gauge how your nanny would handle those situations. What would you do if my child were choking? How do you handle tantrums or children that refuse to go to bed on time? Can you multitask between watching children and other household tasks like cooking or cleaning? It’s also important during the interview to outline your expectations for your nanny as well as informing them of any special needs your child may have.

Before you make your final decision, you need to verify your prospective nanny with a background check. Background checks will reveal a person’s past employment records, education, citizenship, and criminal history. Background checks will not only give you peace of mind, but they also protect your family. OC Home & Family goes beyond a standard background check as a part of the hiring process. Their screening includes tests for tuberculosis, immunization records, fingerprints, personal reference checks, and behavioral evaluations. Caretakers from OC Home & Family have a minimum of 3 to 4 years of stellar experience in the industry, so you can rest assured your little ones are in good hands.