What Does Your Nanny Need From You?

A lot of consideration is made in selecting a nanny that is right for you and your family. Sometimes what is truly overlooked is what your nanny needs from you in order to ensure that they have the best possible chance of success in meeting the needs of you and your children. There are a lot of considerations to make beforehand that will play a huge part in the nanny you choose, but let’s look at what you will need to provide your nanny after you have already selected them as the best candidate for hire.


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Emergency Contact Numbers


The first, most important consideration to make is whom your nanny will need to contact in the event that there is an emergency of any kind. While 911 is obvious, your nanny will need to be able to reach you if something has happened to your child or anyone in the household. It’s advised that you provide a minimum of two contact numbers. Your nanny should be able to reach more than just one person too, so don’t just give them your number if possible. Be sure to also provide the number for your spouse and/or any other responsible member of the family or a friend. Additionally, if there is more than one contact number for each person, be sure to list it. Being able to be reached whether at work or on your cell can make the biggest difference in responding to a crisis quickly and correctly. If any of your children see a special doctor or require special medication, be sure to include an emergency contact number for the doctor.


Additionally, if your nanny will be taking care of any pets, a number for your preferred vet may be a good addition as well.


Food and Drink


Be sure to ask your nanny if they plan on preparing any snacks for the children. In most cases, you will be providing this for them, but some nannies may prepare their own meals for the kids if it is factored into their salary. Regardless, be sure to educate them beforehand of any potential food allergies or special diets the children may have or be involved with. It’s a good idea to not just have enough food and drinks ready for the duration of the stay, but also a little extra in the event of emergency, or if you cannot arrive home on time for unforeseen circumstances.


Understand that while it is not generally expected of you to provide a meal for your nanny, going above and beyond and doing this may help in establishing a comfortable relationship with them where you show compassion not just for the children, but their temporary caretaker as well.


Provide Toys, Movies, and Educational Material


When the nanny is caring for the child in your home, this process is usually easier as the child will have plenty of toys and other things to play and entertain themselves with. Ensure your nanny knows where everything is so that your child can have toys to play with, books to read, and movies to watch while you are away.




If your child requires certain medications, speak to the nanny or agency responsible for care of your child about their needs and if they can be accommodated. Similar to providing emergency contact information, your nanny should be aware of any preexisting health conditions the child they will be caring for may have.


Preparing for Other Emergencies


While contact numbers are usually sufficient, in the event of an extreme crisis such as the family being unable to return home or damage to the residence, having a second place for the nanny to take the children in the event of a crisis may sometimes be a good fail safe. While it’s impossible to plan for everything, having another place the nanny can take the children if you cannot return home on time for some reason is usually a good fail safe for any situation.


Acknowledge that other remedies for extreme circumstances that may arise can be simply provided for by releasing information of the location of fire extinguishers in the house, electrical boxes, or other emergency equipment or resources. Make sure that you have a first aid kit in the house and that your nanny knows where to find it.

While not always usual, some families even leave an emergency credit card or cash behind in the event of circumstances that may warrant it.




In conclusion, there is a lot to consider in providing your nanny with all they need to ensure your child is safe and their time is occupied. There are certainly many other considerations worth making, but choosing a reputable company to assist you can make the process much easier.


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