Transitioning Back into School After Summer Break


While any parent can tell you that routines are key to one’s sanity, summer has the tendency to ease up our daily routine. With vacations and kids out of school, summer takes on a new rhythm that is very hard for kids to let go. Transitioning back into school after summer break can be difficult for both kids and parents, so here are just a few tips that can help when getting back to that school routine.


1. Start back on routines early.
A week or two before school begins, start getting into the rhythm once again. Going to bed early and rising early is one of the biggest hurdles you really have to deal with, and getting your internal clock adjusted is even harder when you are a kid. Starting the routine even a week before will make a huge difference on that first day back.


2. Pinterest Inspiration.
There are ideas for just about anything on Pinterest! Easy lunch ideas are many on Pinterest, and a perfect way to inspire your own creations. Meal prep the night before, for both breakfast in the morning and a packed lunch in the afternoon, will make the morning routine go much smoother the next day.


3. Don’t wait!
Everything and anything that can be done the night before, just do it. With kids, random time consuming things can happen at the drop of the hat. The less on that morning to do list, the better in our eyes. That includes things that need to happen for yourself. Whether it is laying out your outfit the night before, or even tidying up after the kids go to bed, it all helps.


4. Cherish the Moments.
By this time we all can admit we might be a little more than ready to have our kids return to school. Cherish these moments because they go by so quickly. Carve out family time in any routine, because those are the moments you want to remember.