Spring Fun Bucket List

spring fun

Between the longer days and the beautiful weather that Spring normally brings southern California, it is the perfect time to spend some special moments outdoors with your littles. A spring bucket list is a great way to get your child excited for the upcoming season.

Today on the blog we are sharing our top three activities that made it onto our bucket list. One of the things we love about the great outdoors is that many of the activities you can do can be a low cost, or really no cost at all.

1. Grow a Garden

Is it just us, or do kids normally gravitate to dirt? Growing a garden of their own is not only a fun afternoon activity, it is something that will help teach them discipline and responsibility all through the spring. Setting up a planter box in the backyard, as well as making signs for the different type of things they are growing is a great way to spend a few hours outdoors. Watering and maintaining their garden can be a great part of their daily routine in the spring.

2. Local Park Checklist

The great thing about most parks is that most of them are free city parks. With several different options in each city, it would probably be a kid’s dream to play on every single one of them on spring break. Pack a lunch and make a picnic out of each park trip, it will be a time for the whole family to enjoy.

3. Bubble Time Fun

Front yard bubble time will probably bring all the neighborhood kids to the yard. And now there are such fun bubble makers to add to the mix to keep the bubbles coming continuously. Add a little water table and a slip n slide, and the neighbors may never leave.

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