Spring Cleaning Tips for Parents


With the first official day of Spring less than a month away, Spring cleaning has probably been at the back of your minds for quite a few weeks now. If you are anything like us, we want to spend the soon-to-be longer days with the people we love most instead of trying to rearrange the clutter that always seems to multiply as our schedules get more hectic. Do you get overwhelmed when there is too much to do? Are you overwhelmed enough to not even know where to start? Sticking with these Spring cleaning tips below will help you conquer your Spring cleaning woes.


1. Make a List

The number one spring cleaning tip is making a list. A majority of people work better with a to-do list in their daily life and it works just as well when you want to get your spring cleaning done. Throughout the day you might come across your chaotic linen closet or too many random bottles under your bath sink and think I really need to go through these items! So make a list of the Spring cleaning tasks you want to get done because it will serve as your game plan for the coming month.


2. Find Organization Ideas and Use Them

If you have the standard 40-hour+ work week, kids and a house to maintain, Pinterest will become your best friend. From 1st birthday inspiration to quick dinner recipes, it is a great way to organize your thoughts for the different areas of your life.  It is not only about de-cluttering what you don’t need, it is figuring out way to organize what you have to keep.


3. Ask for Help

There are probably many of you out there that have somewhat of superwoman (or superman) complex. You want to do everything and be there for everyone. The reality is, you need your village probably more than your village needs me. Take a minute and figure out when you need to ask for help. Whether it is making a to-do list for your spouse, or if it is in the budget to get a personal assistant, it is OK to lighten your load a little. Be practical about it and figure out what tasks doesn’t need your direct supervision.


Do you have a Spring cleaning tip that you use every year? Tell us about it!