Indoor Activities for Your Children


California is known for its unpredictable weather, but this summer has really thrown us for a loop. While we can always count on the heat during this time of the year, we are getting dry days, humid days, to even days with thunderstorms and lighting. The ever changing weather has made it really hard to plan for days spent outdoors.


Here are 3 of our favorite indoor activities that will help fill in those days when being outdoors is just not possible.


Sesame Street Let’s Cook

Cooking with Elmo is the perfect way to introduce your child to all the fun that can be had in the kitchen. Whether it is measuring out ingredients, or in my son’s case, throwing those ingredients in a big bowl and mixing it up, they find excitement in doing something mommy and daddy usually do. Throw in a kid’s apron and chef hat, and you can’t help but smile along with them.


Land of Nod Teepees

Camping in the great indoors is as comfortable as camping can get. Land of Nod’s cute patterns in their teepee collection can really set the right mood for your adventure at home. My son’s Jake the Pirate tent with matching tunnel has been a lifesaver on those rainy days. And on the weekend, it is always fun to mix things up with a family sleepover in the living room.



As much as getting crafty can mean getting messy really quick, it is something most kids love to do. Given that, can I tell you how much I love Crayola and their line specifically for toddlers? From finger painting projects, to paper creations I don’t have to worry about what gets on my toddler or my rug!


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