Cleaning Hacks for the Busy Mom

Mother and daughter cleaning in the kitchen


Day-to-day we try to get by with completing something from that never ending list of home cleaning. Whether it is laundry or toilet duty, the cleaning job never feels done. Add a few little kids running around, and you really feel like you’re always picking up. So here are just a few cleaning hacks for the busy mom that makes the cleaning process just a little easier.


1. Vinegar, baking soda and dish soap. This combination is the ultimate cleaning solution. From taking care of shower grime to getting rid of stains produced by your potty-training child, this really is our go-to when it’s time to deep clean.


2. Re-purposing everyday items. Pinterest opened my eyes to which everyday items could be used for cleaning. My favorite, and probably most time-saving, idea is cleaning your blinds with a pair of BBQ tongs. Wrapping a clothing around each prong and securing it with a rubber band is nothing short of genius. While cleaning blinds is never high on my list, this method definitely helps in getting the job done more quickly.


3. Schedule. My list of things that need to be cleaned or organized usually is a mile long – that was until I started a schedule. Whether Mondays were strictly for bathroom cleaning, or Wednesdays for laundry duty, scheduling has made a world of a difference. Not to mention, scheduling the other humans in the house a chore or two is a must!


No one wants to spend their free time cleaning, so we take all the tips we can get. What is a must for you? Tweet and let us know how you tackle your world of cleaning!