Advantages of Having a Personal Assistant

Having a personal assistant at home can be advantageous for many reasons. While many people think of a personal assistant as being someone who helps you with work at the office, many people utilize personal assistants at home to help manage everything from shopping or picking up the kids to managing budgets and going through your emails. There are many advantages of having a personal assistant to help you with your daily tasks, and some of these advantages will be discussed in detail in this article for your benefit. First, let’s discuss some of the duties that are offered by a personal assistant.




Tasks Offered By a Personal Assistant


Personal Assistants offer a wide variety of tasks that benefit the individuals that hire them. Here are some examples:


  • Driving children to school or after school for various activities
  • Child homework and chores supervision
  • Preparing children’s meals
  • Receive and monitor guests
  • Phone call answering and screening if necessary
  • Budget assistance and inventorying household supplies and food
  • Assistance with travel preparations and may travel with the family if need be
  • Maintaining the household, including cleaning and taking out the trash
  • Errands such as shopping upon request or on a schedule
  • Can also assist with computer related tasks such as organizing emails or other virtual assistant duties


There are many more duties that a personal assistant may be able to help with. Hiring a reliable personal assistant can benefit you in ways you may have never thought possible. Following are some benefits these duties provide.


Saving Time


Having a personal assistant can add hours to your day that you wouldn’t have had before. Whether it’s picking up the kids from school or grabbing groceries, having an extra person around to help you with your daily tasks will give you an edge on you accomplishing more with your day that others might not be able to.


The nice thing about having a personal assistant is that many individuals find that their personal assistant is saving them more time than the hours they are even hired for. There are many reasons for this. For example, many people have to manipulate their schedules in ways that aren’t convenient or don’t make sense in saving time simply because they have to be available at a certain time to pick up the kids or complete some other task. When you have the freedom of knowing you have help in completing your tasks and can build your schedule accordingly, a lot of the time wasting activities you may have required before are eliminated.  Being able to visit a doctor’s appointment while your assistant handles household responsibilities, for instance, can save you much more time than you might think.


More Affordable Than You Might Imagine


Many individuals pass up on the opportunity to hire a personal assistant due to the fact that they think it will be expensive or not cost effective for what they need accomplished. Surprisingly, not only can hiring a personal assistant be cheaper than you might expect, it may save you money.


To start, in many cases, you can organize your schedule with your assistant so that you only need to hire them for the hours you actually need them. Hiring a personal assistant for even a few hours can save you precious time not just to finish your tasks for the day, but also to have free time available for loved ones or yourself.


As far as saving money, many people find after hiring a personal assistant, they may actually save money in the long run. Not only is having to drive back and forth across town to accomplish tasks taxing on your gas, but it’s also a waste of your time, and time is money to many busy individuals. Having extra time to be available for business matters and otherwise will give you more opportunities to make money. It’s also worth mentioning that meeting deadlines and being available for business opportunities is more possible with someone helping you with your business.


Another thing to consider is that personal assistants often offer assistance with budgets, meaning they can help you monitor your spending, ensuring you don’t spend too much money each month on things you don’t need. This assistance alone can save you more money than the cost of hiring the personal assistant in the first place.


Schedule Flexibility


As mentioned previously, saving time allows you more freedom in developing your schedule. Having more time means added flexibility in being able to live your life the way you want to without having all your time eaten up by things like cleaning the house or running errands. Being able to fit other opportunities into your schedule is more possible and you can accommodate different last minute changes into your life that you may not have had the time or energy to manage before.


Stress Relief


Have you ever had hundreds of things to do and little to no time to actually accomplish them? Having a personal assistant there to free up your time can offer you stress relief that may have seemed impossible before. When you know that you won’t run out of time to accomplish your tasks and someone else is there to help, you are free to focus on other things that matter, including yourself and your family. Being able to make time for relaxation and those that you love is a sense of comfort many do not experience before having the assistance and peace of mind that come in having a professional, personal assistant.


Sometimes all it takes is being able to make it to that school play or dance recital you wouldn’t have had time for before with your child to realize what a big difference having a personal assistance can make. When you have more time for your family and the things that are mutually important to them and yourself, you will find happiness in places you may not have before.


You deserve the freedom of having a flexible schedule for business matters and otherwise, as well as the happiness associated with spending time with friends and family. These things offer stress relief that you deserve, and hiring a personal assistant can make that difference in your life.


Hiring a Personal Assistant


Will a personal assistant make a difference in your life? Could you benefit from a little extra help with your daily schedule? OC Home and Family is ready to assist you with your needs, whether you need a personal assistant for you daily duties, a nanny, or someone for a similar domestic matter. We are a domestic agency ready to take your call and help you to resolve your concerns.


For questions, or to see how we may be able to assist you, contact us today at 949.335.7963.

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